Vanport history will not be forgotten! The Vanport Mosaic community is thrilled to announce three major events we advocated for, enthusiastically supported, and we are now deeply grateful for:

  • On May 2nd, 2017 Governor Kate Brown signed a Proclamation for Vanport Remembrance Day 
  • On May 24th, 2017 Mayor Wheeler and Portland City Council will officially proclaim May 30th, Vanport Remembrance Day. (Join us!)
  • And, finally, on May 30th, Senator Jackie Winters (a former Vanport resident and flood survivor. Watch our short documentary where she shares her memories) and House Speaker Tina Kotek are sponsoring a joint resolution, SCR 21, memorializing the 69th anniversary of the Vanport Flood.

Thanks to the former Vanport residents for sharing their memories for generations to come; to all the families, churches, and community groups who have been collecting and preserving these stories for the past decades; to the artists, writers and historians who have been keeping them alive.

Join us at The Vanport Mosaic Festival 2017, May 26-29, when we will read the Proclamation and will share copies with you all. Stories build community!