Since 2014, historians, artists, educators, media-makers, long-term Portland residents and newcomers have been working together to capture the complexity of the Vanport experience through the voice of those who lived there. The result is a growing collection of community-produced short documentaries, featuring former Vanport residents sharing their memories. Through archival footage, historic photographs, and compelling first-person narratives, each one of these short films is an important piece of a rich and elaborate “mosaic” of the vibrant community that made up the city of Vanport. Join this grassroots effort by attending our workshops, hosting a screening, inviting us to share the stories at your school and event.

The Story Harvest Team

A collective of artists, historians, educators and media makers committed to bring to light a little-known chapter of Oregon's past trough the voice of those who witnessed it.


Thank you to the sponsors and  of Story Harvest for helping us to make this project a reality.