We've raised enough to offer another FREE workshop! Thanks to the outpouring of donations to our on-going crowd fund, and thanks to our friends at the ReBuilding Center who offered to host us, we can start planning on the training of a new cohort of story-gatherers.

Sign up here to secure your spot and be notified with the dates and details. In our 2-weekend long session, you will learn how to interview former Vanport residents and produce a short multimedia oral history to add to the Vanport Mosaic growing database of personal narratives of life in Vanport.

As a city and as a State, we forgot about what once was Oregon's second-largest city and the largest public housing project in the U.S. that was wiped out by a flood in 1948 in less than a day. Now, as a community, we are committed to re-discover it and honor the experience of those who lived there, now in their 80s and 90s. 

Please continue to support our on-going effort by making a tax deductible donation here. With your help, we will be able to offer more workshops, keep interviewing the growing number of former Vanport residents who wish to record their memories, and share their stories at public screenings.

With gratitude and excitement,
Laura Lo Forti, story midwife, 
and the Vanport Mosaic team