American Summer Squash & Hercules Didn't Wade in the Water, two new one-act plays about the American Dream, displacement, and Hurricane Katrina from the African American perspective. May 26th-June 4th. Tickets: - Part of The Vanport Mosaic Festival 2017

"Though both of the African American stories shared on this stage are anchored in the event of Hurricane Katrina, the staggering myriad of challenges the characters and their representative communities face began centuries before the hurricane ever made landfall. We are again reminded that housing does not equate home. What does it mean to communities to have home erased? Is it possible for the characters we meet on this stage to equally participate in “The American Dream”? What does it mean to be a refugee in your own country? Can we believe in a happy ending? Why/why not?" Damaris Webb - Vanport Mosaic Co-Director